Diplopterys Cabrerana (Chaliponga)



About Diplopterys Cabrerana (Chaliponga)

To begin,  Diplopterys Cabrerana (Chaliponga) is from the Amazon in South America. And the leaves of it contain the psychedelic substance called DMT. This substance makes you see things that are not real . DMT is a widely used ingredient in the Ayahuasca. Since ancient times. The native shamans have used Ayahuasca for rituals to get into a different state of mind. There is a lot of knowledge and practice needed to do this correctly. Again, it is often used together with the MAO inhibitors in the brain. Like; banisteriopsis Caapi or Peganum Harmala. Which enable the DMT substance to be active in the body.

Effects of Diplopterys Cabrerana 

Furthermore, ayahuasca can also hypnotize and cause you to see things that are not real. As well as there is a lot of knowledge needed to make this drink properly. And so take the necessary steps for your own safety. And take it with respect. The use of Ayahuasca has physical effects on the human body like; (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea). The mental effects causes you to see things that are not real. And cause profound psychedelic drug experiences. The effect may vary. For example; depending on which plants you mix with the Ayahuasca. Often people experience spiritual and religious feelings. It creates a completely different world.

HOW TO Use Diplopterys Cabrerana

Lastly, ayahuasca is very powerful and we should not underestimate it. There are several ways to make Ayahuasca. And it is not strange if it does not work the first time. And it is often a matter of experience. On the internet, you can find different recipes to make Ayahuasca. And on this website you can find more information:

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