Mushrooms are a culinary delight and a powerhouse of nutrition. They are one of the healthiest vegetables that can be cooked up and added into numerous delicious dishes. You can make mushroom soups and mushroom stir fries, use them in noodle dishes, chicken dishes, risottos – the possibilities are endless. At DR Delicacy, we offer an extensive selection of farm, wild fresh gourmet mushrooms for sale that include popular varieties such as Porcini mushrooms and Chanterelle mushrooms. In addition to that, we also offer a range of other products such as dried mushrooms, mushroom juices, and more.

Buy Magic Mushrooms online

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Magic mushrooms are wild or develop mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a normally happening psychoactive and stimulating compound. Psilocybin is view as one of the most outstanding hallucinogenics. Magic mushrooms are frequently arrange by drying and are ate by being blend into nourishment or beverages, albeit a few people eat naturally pick enchantment mushrooms. Buy Magic Mushroom online

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One Up Mushroom Bars


Psychedelic mushrooms are one of the oldest and safest traditional medicines in the world and have been for centuries. One Up Mushroom Bars are infused with 3.5 grams of mushrooms and available in five delicious flavors.

Penis Envy Mushroom


DESCRIPTION Buy penis envy mushroom online. The Penis Envy Magic Mushroom is one of the rarest mushroom strains. It’s potency is consider one of the world’s strongest in the Cubensis family. This strain of mushroom got its name from its physical appearance. The resemblance is very close to that of an actual Penis. Even with it’s caps opened, …
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Psilocybe: Buy Melmac Penis Envy.


DESCRIPTION Buy Melmac mushroom online. Melmac Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin Cubbins’s Melmac), also referred to as Homestead Penis Envy is a variant of the famous Penis Envy strain discovered and developed by Terrence McKenna and Steven Pollock two of the great early psychonauts. Over the years many mycologists worked with the original Penis Envy strain to develop their own. Homestead is …
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