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What To Know About DMT Firstly, N, N-dimethyltryptamine in a medical talk — is a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug. Sometimes referred to as Dimitri, this drug produces effects similar to those of psychedelics, like LSD and magic mushrooms. Other names for it include: fantasia businessman’s trip businessman’s special 45-minute psychosis spiritual molecule It naturally occurs in many …
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Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffles


About Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffles Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffle a.k.a Double Visions are amazing magic truffles. They come in an extra-large pack of 25 grams of fresh and very powerful truffles. Abraxas Gigas Magic Truffle stands for a guaranteed trip of fantastic visions, almost like LSD. The extra-large portions are recommended for one person but …
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Amazon Mushrooms


Highlights: Above average potency, Versatile application

Strain Origin: Amazon Rainforest

Potency: Average

Application: Recreational Use, Therapeutic Use

Anadenanthera Colubrina


About Anadenanthera Colubrina Anadenanthera Colubrina (also known as Vilca, Huilco, Huilca, Wilco, Willka, Cybil, or Angico) is a South American tree that produces seeds with entheogenic substances such as bufotenin and DMT (and to a lesser extent DMT and 5-MeO- DMT). The Indians have been using these seeds for hundreds of years in their shamanic …
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Anadenanthera Peregrina


About Anadenanthera Peregrina The Anadenanthera peregrina (also called Yopo, Jopo, Cohoba, or Parica) is a tree that grows in South America and the Caribbean. The seeds of this tree look very similar to those of the Anadenanthera Colubrina and have almost the same chemical composition. The seeds of the Peregrina are traditionally used by the shamans …
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Atlantis Magic Truffles


About Atlantis Magic Truffles The Psilocybe Atlantis or Atlantis Magic Truffles was found in the south of the USA and is closely related to Psilocybin Mexicana. Psilocybe Atlantis forms sclerotia in the roots of the mushroom. The Magic Truffles who are formed are stronger than the Mexicana A truffle and will boost your creativity and …
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Ayahuasca #1


About Ayahuasca #1 Ayahuasca #1 is a magic potion that has been brewed for millennia by Indian shamans in the Amazon rainforests of South America. Ayahuasca correctly refers to a psychedelic combination of plants that varies in potency according to the skill of its maker. We have 4 kids, 2 traditional ayahuasca mixes, and 2 analog …
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Ayahuasca #2


About Ayahuasca #2 Ayahuasca #2 is a magic potion from the Amazon. It is used by shamans to make contact with the spirit world by means of a psychedelic trip or to get in contact with (collective) subconsciousness. This contact might help to solve psychical and mental problems, or to serve god. We have 4 kinds …
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Ayahuasca #3


About Ayahuasca #3 Many people who make Ayahuasca #3 use Peganum harmala or so-called Syrian rue instead of Banisteriopsis caapi, this is then called ayahuasca. We have 4 kinds of packages, 2 traditional ayahuasca mixes and 2 analog mixes (also called ayahuasca) which have an almost similar effect. Our elephant smart shop psychedelic Ayahuasca #3 …
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Ayahuasca #4


About Ayahuasca #4 Ayahuasca #4 brewed for millennia by Indian shamans of South America. First, the word ayahuasca means “vine of the soul” as “aya” means spirit, ancestor, or soul; “has” means rope or vine. Besides, Banisteriopsis caapi, the most used plant to brew this is Peganum harmala, as also Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis) can be replaced by …
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B Plus Mushrooms


All you need to know about the B+ Magic Mushroom B Plus Mushrooms- Ahhh the B+ magic mushroom, a best seller at The Magic Mushroom Shop and a big favorite among mycologists, beginners, and first-time trippers. Let’s take a closer look at this popular cubensis strain, known for its richness and solid performance. Introduction to …
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Banisteriopsis Caapi


About Banisteriopsis Caapi Banisteriopsis Caapi is a liana from the Malpighiaceae family that is found mainly in South America. The plant thanks to its name to John Banister, a 17th-century vicar, and naturalist/botanist. B. Caapi is an MAO inhibitor and, in addition to a DMT-containing ingredient such as Chacruna or Mimosa Hostilis, the main ingredient …
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